Understanding GPS

Important Things That You Must Learn Of When It Comes..

Understanding GPS

Important Things That You Must Learn Of When It Comes To Land Surveying Equipments Of Today

When it comes to land surveys, we want you to know that this kind of thing has been existing for a very long time now, starting from the day many of us come to a realization that holding on to their own land is of utmost importance and essentiality. And of course, when land surveys are conducted, this is not only about asking questions to the owner and all, it also involves measuring the land so that owners will know how big or how small their land, hence land surveying tools were created. Before the Middle Age, there were changes in the way land surveys are done that is why land surveying tools became out of fashion yet, upon the beginning of the Middle Age, these tools were once again brought back to existence and were used since then. If you are wondering why these tools were once again given the chance of being used, well, that is due to the fact that people in the Middle Age became interested in holding land once again and also, they want to know how much they want plus, the fact that they want to ensure no one was on land that was owned by them.

The land surveying equipments that are used in today’s modern day and time are very similar to the ones used centuries ago, but of course, with the touch of technology and some of the best upgrades. In this present day and time that we live in, with technology being in the middle of its heyday, every single equipments used for land surveys undergo drastic changes, and certainly, the computer is the one transforming this particular industry.

Since this article will tackle about the equipments being used for land surveys in the past and the present, we will now start introducing each one to you, with theodolite, one of the most commonly used and most popular tool, as the first one in our list. If you know or even heard about theodolite, surely, you know that a decade ago, when it was the most technologically advanced equipment for land surveys, was still used in conducting wide arrays of land surveys. But of course, as time goes one, there really are changes bound to happen and as for theodolite, one of the biggest improvements befalls it is how it was made electronic. Since theodolite was made electronic, its name was changed from theodolite to EDM or electronic measurement device or the what we call as total stations.

Another land surveying equipment that brought the industry into the age of computers is the GPS surveying. When we say GPS, it actually stands for Global Positioning System and is using satellite technology.

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