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Reasons You Should Hire a Lawyer After Figuring in a..

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Reasons You Should Hire a Lawyer After Figuring in a Car Accident

If you unfortunately got injured because of someone else’ negligence in driving a car, you must understand that there are rights afforded to you by the law. Sadly though, even if you have those rights, it could be very difficult for you to protect those rights and get compensation in return or as a result of the injuries you suffered if you don’t hire a personal injury attorney. You obviously don’t want to see yourself getting nothing out of the accident that caused you physical and emotional pain.

But if you still aren’t convinced of hiring a lawyer, perhaps these reasons we listed below will change your perception.

1 – Time is of the essence when it comes to pursuing legal actions.

Keep in mind that most states enforce a statute of limitations in pursuing legal action related to car accident claims. The most common is two years. What this means is that if you don’t hire a lawyer and sue within that period, you no longer have the right to do so later.

2 – There are very specific rules to follow when you decide to sue or file for an accident claim.

One example is your insurance company requiring you to file a police report within a given time. The state might likewise ask for more requirements other than the police report. Hence, it makes sense to tap the services of a personal injury lawyer as he or she is the person who comes equipped with the expertise and experience needed in car accident cases like yours. Don’t take the risk of jeopardizing your claim simply because you feel confident you can manage on your own.

3 – Truth be told, the insurance company is your enemy.

While insurance companies are so friendly when it comes to convincing you of their commitment to protect their clients, things easily change once you figure in an accident and you file for a claim. Be reminded that insurance companies want nothing more than keeping their own costs down, and that usually means fighting it out just to make sure you won’t get what you truly deserve. And you should know that they are well-represented in court. With this in mind, the only thing that will give you a fighting chance is a well-experienced and competent personal injury lawyer.

4 – You could be unaware of the potential damages.

Lastly, it makes sense to hire a personal injury attorney because this is the only person who can tell you exactly how much the potential damages is worth. You might not be aware of it but aside from medical bills, you are entitled to recover money due to lost income, damages for the pain and suffering, even emotional distress.

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