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Testing for STDs Making love is one of the activities..

Wellness Tips for The Average Joe

Testing for STDs

Making love is one of the activities that that bonds people in a relationship and many people draw a lot of pleasure in doing that act. Even though, the pleasure gained can be coupled with many hassles if not handle in a careful way. The current increase in the number of STD patients is as a result of many people have become less concerned in their sexual health and are not affected by the consequences of the practices.The stigma that the STD patients have made it even more difficult to seek for medical attentions since they fear what people will say about them.

It is the best health advice to seek for STD testing to know your status of sexual health. However, to some extent you can do away with regular STD check up by practicing certain things that will reduce your exposure to the diseases. These activities will ensure that you are safer from STDs and thus make you avoid testing of the diseases.

Abstain.| Since these illness are as a result of making love avoiding the act totally will make you avoid the diseases. Since this method makes one to totally do away with these tests it is thus the best way. Being associated with such diseases is so much painful that no one can enjoy carrying it out frequently, and the only way to totally avoid the tests is through abstaining.

Dropping number of sex partners.
Reduce the frequency of copulation partners has the ability of reducing chances of one getting sexually transmitted diseases. Having many sex partners will expose an individual to a greater risk of STD infections and hence you will have to undertake frequent testing because you cannot know the time the infection might attack you. Nevertheless, in any case you are having a single partner you two can take an initiative to go for a test together and share the results to each other. The sharing of the results will aid you in trusting your partner and engaging in safe copulation without any thought of getting STDs.

Mutual Monogamy
This notion indicate that you make an agreement that you will only be sexually active with individual person who has also chooses to be sexually active with only you. Having a long term mutual monogamous relationship with a clean partner will be one the most safe and reliable ways of avoiding STD infections. One counsel that an individual have to take in a joint monogamy relationship is that you have to be certain that both of you are safe.

Apply condoms
Precise and consistent application of condoms is highly efficient in reducing the spread of STD. You have to take care while using condom every time you are planning to have sex especially teenagers that might have not settled on one sex partner.

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