Getting Down To Basics with Therapists

Why Christian Marriage Counseling Is Better Than Secular Counseling Both..

Getting Down To Basics with Therapists

Why Christian Marriage Counseling Is Better Than Secular Counseling

Both Christian marriage help and secular counseling have the same objective of forestalling a possible breakup or escalation of marital complications. However, the two approaches differ significantly in several ways, making it important for a Christian to pause for a moment before choosing where to go for help and save marriage.

Here’s why you may find Christian marriage therapy more effective than secular approaches:

In case you’re taking up Christian counseling, maybe for advice regarding restoring a marriage after an affair, there will be an additional angle to this help, which secular techniques lack. Christian counseling originates from the holy scriptures, and it aims at keenly discovering the elements in which a person may have disobeyed God’s will and doctrines as the Bible stipulates. The ultimate objective is to save marriage when the individual in question agrees to utilize Christian guidance and comply with the will of the Lord.

It’s easy for Christian therapists to succeed in this seeing as they have an authority that dictates the formulation of their counseling goals and measurement of the counselee’s manner of living. They believe the Bible is the truth and tool that may be used to correct, rebuke, teach, and train for the purpose of righteousness.

Such an unquestionable standard is not at a secular counselor’s disposal, who instead choose to harness up-to-date psychological doctrines and cultural customs, which never remain standard at all times and in all locations. As such, secular therapy does not usually provide absolutes that can help judge moral conduct and guide proper behavior.

A good case in point is infidelity that’s jeopardizing a marriage. When you consulting a secular professional to restore your marriage, they’ll probably ask, “Are you pleased with your actions”?, or even “how do you reckon your actions affect your spouse? For sure, you need to resolve those issues even if you’re being counseled by a Christian. But how you go about with your marriage involves another party besides you and your partner, and as such, a counselor must also be asking, “do you think God is pleased with your actions?” A therapist who recognizes God’s significance in maintaining a happy marriage will prove useful in this context.

There’s also the important issue of prayer, which secular marriage philosophies do not emphasize. Christian counseling will always insist on prayers for marriage restoration. You need to take responsibility, but payers will also give you power and discretion from God to help obey His principles and go back to a righteous path, in case that’s what your marriage issues are about. In case the problem is your partner, praying is vital to your ability to persevere without ending your marriage prematurely.

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