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Techniques to Train Your Intuition. We use five common senses..

A Quick Overlook of Resources – Your Cheatsheet

Techniques to Train Your Intuition.

We use five common senses as we have been trained. See, hear, smell, taste, and touch are the senses. The blind people can be able to sense there is a tree before them through the power of intuition. The intuition works as a way of connecting some energy frequency. Many young children can connect the frequencies thus perceiving something adults don’t see. Since adults cannot be able to sense something they end up making kids to shut their ability down since they are told that there is nothing to be seen. Hence children are forced to kill their perceived power, and after some time they do forget.

You should be able to know your perception. It is like a conscience which tells you on what to and not to do. To some people there are pictures which flow like a vision. To others it is a soft voice through their mind. While others experience it physically. For example, you are passing in a forest and all of sudden you get a flash of wind which instills you fear of the danger around you.

Meditating is the next thing you should teach your mind. During meditation the vibrations raises. When the occurrence rises it perceives energy. You have to remember how it goes because as a kid you once experienced it. Through meditation you bring out who you are truly. When you frequently meditate then the results will be awesome.
you should listen very well and then let it be felt by your bloodstreams. Most times is when people have a feeling about someone they meet. Some people might attract you while others might drive you away from them. You should be considerate to your spirits about others. You should never consider how they sound or look like. Sometimes later the bad feeling about them will show their characters.

You need to sense first before you let out a word from your mouth. These is where you train yourself to feel what you are about to say. By knowing that the words you are about to say can hurt then you better keep silent. You need to keep replaying anything that happened between you and someone else. It is a medium for knowing the errors you have made, so the next time you will be having a conversation you will try to avoid that mistake.

Since the frequencies are connected to the mind, then the dreams you have they are perceived through the mind and they have a message for you. The vibrations raises the energy through channeling them, hence you are able to understand your dream.
Whenever, there is something happens nearby,then you should put it into consideration. At the end of it all your perceptiveness will become strong.

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A Quick Overlook of Resources – Your Cheatsheet