Which Phone Number Is Right for Your Business?

Many businesses get a phone number when they are starting..

Which Phone Number Is Right for Your Business?

Many businesses get a phone number when they are starting out but few think of the ramifications of the type of phone number they select. While a phone number may seem like a minor necessity in the larger scheme of things, the type you choose conveys a lot of information to the consumer. 

Keep It Local

One way to signify your area connections to local residents is by selecting a local phone number that will be familiar to anyone who answers the phone. Determine where your biggest customer base lives and choose an area code and local exchange prefix that corresponds to that geographical region. 

Customize It

Another option for a business looking for an eye-catching phone number is to choose a vanity phone number. With this type of number, customers choose numbers that correspond to letters on the alphanumeric phone keyboard. If your company was The Bite, you could get a phone number where the local exchange and the last 4 digits would be 843-2483 to spell out your business name. These types of numbers are easy to remember and a great way to incorporate free branding into your contact information.

Free for All

If you’re looking to make it stress-free for your customers to contact you, consider a toll-free number where the area code, typically 800 or 866, means that there will be no long-distance telephone charges on a customer’s phone bill. This is an excellent choice if your customers are typically using landline telephones, as long-distance calls are generally charged at a higher rate for those types of accounts.

Choose a number that can make your company memorable, familiar or inexpensive; it may be surprising to think that a business phone number can have so much meaning but the number you choose can mean a lot to your customers.